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Prof.ssa Deirdre Kantz Contatto Curriculum


Informazioni aggiuntive

  • Codice* 8452 - 8451
  • CFU 5
  • Corso di Studio* Farmacia
  • Anno di corso* Primo
  • Semestre* Secondo semestre
  • Docente incaricato* Prof. Deirdre Kantz
  • Obiettivi formativi*


    The course aims to develop the speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills required to communicate effectively in biomedical English, including to inquire, explain, prompt, rephrase, instruct, advise, recommend, investigate, interpret and discuss, as well as to research, summarize, record, and present pertinent biomedical information. Specifically the exam will assess students’ capacity to demonstrate:

    • English language and communication skills;
    • application of these skills to scientific English over a wide range of genres;
    • their handling of basic biomedical and pharmaceutical terminology as a result of online and self-study.
  • Contenuti*


    The course introduces the student to relevant biomedical English vocabulary, pronunciation, usage and functional language as well as elements of style and register found in biomedical texts. The course covers the main stages of biomedical communication and students will master basic and specialist biomedical terminology in relation to specific thematic areas, namely: Anatomy and the Human Body (Unit 1, The Medical Alphabet); Acronyms and Abbreviations(Unit 1, The Medical Alphabet); Blood and Cardiology (Units 2 and 3, The Medical Alphabet); Diabetes; Endocrinology; Forensics (Units 4, 5, 6, The Medical Alphabet). 

  • Testi consigliati


    Anna Loiacono (2013). The Medical Alphabet. An English textbook in healthcare. Matarrese editore. Andria.

  • Modalità d'esame


    The course examination, at the end of the 2nd semester, is an oral test. In recognition of the highly specialist nature of this course, students will be examined by a commission including specialists in organic chemistry and pharmacology.

    The oral exam is designed to evaluate the student’s comprehension of the contents of the course book presented during the lessons, their capacity to translate specialist texts from English into Italian and generally master the discourse of pharmacy in English.

    The materials presented during the lessons and the contents of the course book complement the subject matter of the entire degree course. Consequently, no credit will be awarded for the completion of a similar course elsewhere, including the holding of any certificate of English language proficiency.

Pubblicato in INS FAR AA 2016-2017